Atomic Energy Science and Technology ›› 2021, Vol. 55 ›› Issue (zengkan): 171-176.DOI: 10.7538/yzk.2020.youxian.0798

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Experimental Study on Production of Medical Nuclide 225Ac with 100 MeV Cyclotron

WANG Lei;LYU Yinlong;WANG Feng;GE Tao;LI Yaoqian;CAO Lei;FU Zhenhui   

  1. Research and Design Center for Cyclotron, China Institute of Atomic Energy, Beijing 102413, China
  • Online:2021-06-20 Published:2021-06-20

100 MeV回旋加速器生产医用225Ac核素的实验研究


  1. 中国原子能科学研究院 回旋加速器研究设计中心,北京102413

Abstract: The radionuclide production experiment was conducted at the 100 MeV cyclotron at China Institute of Atomic Energy. Fluka code was used to simulate the isotope activities of 224-228Ac produced by proton beam irradiation on ThO2 powder target with different thicknesses. The variation of yield with thickness of 1, 5 and 10 mm ThO2 targets was studied, and the target with 5 mm thickness was selected according to the law of yield variation and cooling condition. A target system for the irradiation of ThO2 powder target was designed, and the production of 225Ac nuclide with low current intensity was carried out. The functions of indirect measurement of proton beam intensity, real time monitoring of target temperature and compressed air cooling of target were realized, ensuring the safety of irradiated targets. After irradiation, ThO2 target was chemically treated and 225Ac was extracted. After 225Ac and 221Fr reached the decay equilibrium, the γ of 221Fr decay with 218 keV was measured by γ spectrometer. The activity of 225Ac at the end of bombardment is 2.29×107 Bq and the yield is 2.39×105 Bq/(μA·h).

Key words: CYCIAE-100, 225Ac, Monte Carlo simulation, isotope production

摘要: 首次在中国原子能科学研究院100 MeV回旋加速器上开展了放射性同位素的生产实验。使用Fluka程序模拟计算了质子束流辐照不同厚度ThO2粉末靶产生的224~228Ac等几种产额较高的同位素活度,研究了1、5、10 mm厚ThO2靶材锕同位素产额变化规律,根据产额变化规律和冷却条件选择了5 mm厚度的靶件。设计了一套ThO2粉末靶辐照装置,采用小流强进行225Ac核素生产实验,同时实现质子流强间接测量、靶件温度实时监测、压缩空气冷却靶件的功能,保障辐照靶件安全。辐照结束后,对ThO2靶件进行了化学处理,提取出225Ac。使用γ能谱仪测量225Ac与衰变子体221Fr达到衰变平衡后221Fr衰变产生的能量为218 keV的γ射线,计算得到辐照结束时225Ac的活度为2.29×107 Bq,产额为2.39×105 Bq/(μA·h)。

关键词: 100 MeV回旋加速器, 225Ac, 蒙特卡罗模拟, 同位素生产