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Nuclear Data Evaluation and Chinese Evaluated Nuclear Data Library

GE Zhigang;XU Ruirui;LIU Ping   

  1. China Nuclear Data Center, Key Laboratory of Nuclear Data, China Institute of Atomic Energy, Beijing 102413, China
  • Online:2022-05-20 Published:2022-05-20



  1. 中国原子能科学研究院 核数据重点实验室,中国核数据中心,北京102413

Abstract: Nuclear data are the essential data for nuclear physics scientific research, the development of nuclear energy as well as the applications of nuclear technology, and it is an important bridge connecting fundamental nuclear physics research with nuclear engineering and nuclear technology application. Nuclear data play important roles in national defense, nuclear security, national economic development and basic science research etc. A nuclear data research system which including nuclear data measurement, nuclear data evaluation, model calculation, nuclear data library development and nuclear data integral benchmarking, has been established in China since 1960’s. A lot of highreliability nuclear data, highlevel methodologies and libraries have been achieved with the effect of the national nuclear research network since China Nuclear Data Center established in 1975. All the output feed the needs of nuclear energy and nuclear technology applications, and nuclear data research also prompted the development of nuclear physics study in China. The nuclear data evaluation is an important part of nuclear data research, and it involves experimental data evaluation, nuclear model calculation, recommendation, complicated physics checking of complete set of data, evaluated data file integral verification and validation, etc. This paper briefly introduces the main research procedure of nuclear data evaluation, corresponding theoretical models and calculation codes, and the method of the establishment and validation testing for the latest version of Chinese Evaluated Nuclear Data Library (CENDL32). Some notable advances in CENDL32 are noted, such as new evaluation of the nn and np scattering cross section, model dependent covariance data for main reaction cross sections of some fission product nuclides and the updated evaluation of nuclear reaction data of several key nuclides, such as 7Li, 233,235U, 56Fe, 240Pu, etc. The evaluated nuclear data integral verification and validation is the essential links in the application of nuclear data to nuclear engineering. In order to verify the physical rationality, systematic comparisons between CENDL-3.2 and other major evaluated libraries (e.g. ENDF, JENDL, BROND, JEFF and TENDL) have been implemented using a suite of criticality benchmarks from the International Criticality Safety Benchmark Evaluation Project, and compared with available experimental data. This paper also briefly introduces relevant benchmarking testing and application results based on the CENDL32, and the χ2 value obtained implies that CENDL32 has a potential remarkable improvement of predictions for 235U and Pu systems. The CENDL32 library also has good performances on the reactor physics simulation of PWR, VENUS3 shielding benchmark by ARES transport code, HTR10 benchmark, etc. In general, integral validation performance of the CENDL32 library is improved relative to the previous CENDL31 library.

Key words: nuclear data, evaluated nuclear data library, nuclear data modeling calculation, nuclear data integral validation testing

摘要: 核数据是核基础研究、核能开发与利用以及核技术发展的基础数据,是连接核物理基础研究与核工程和核技术应用的重要桥梁,在国防与国民经济建设以及核科学发展领域起重要作用。核数据评价建库与检验是核数据研究过程中的两个重要部分,是核数据应用于核工程必不可少的环节。本文介绍了核数据内涵、核数据研究意义以及国内外核数据评价研究的简要发展历史,并结合中国评价核数据库CENDL的研究过程介绍了实验数据调研与分析评价、核数据理论模型计算、核数据统调建库与核数据宏观检验的主要评价核数据研究过程,以及我国自主建立的核数据评价方法和技术、模型及计算程序、评价数据建库和评价数据库的检验方法;介绍了基于我国自主建立的核数据评价建库与检验系统而研制的中国评价核数据库最新版CENDL32以及对其进行的相关基准检验及应用结果;最后简要介绍了CENDL32在反应堆屏蔽设计以及压水堆、高温堆等方面的实际应用以及与其他主流评价核数据库的比对结果。

关键词: 核数据, 评价核数据库, 核数据模型计算, 核数据宏观检验