Atomic Energy Science and Technology ›› 2020, Vol. 54 ›› Issue (7): 1192-1198.DOI: 10.7538/yzk.2019.youxian.0529

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Hydrophobic Modification of Ni-MOF-74 and Its Effect on CO Adsorption Performance

GUO Peiran;HU Shilin   

  1. Department of Special Materials, China Institute of Atomic Energy, Beijing 102413, China
  • Online:2020-07-20 Published:2020-07-20



  1. 中国原子能科学研究院 特种材料工程部,北京102413


CO often coexists with N2, CH4, CO2 and H2O. In order to purify CO gas, Ni-MOF-74 material was used as adsorbent to carry out exploratory research. Ni-MOF-74 hydrophobic material was prepared by PFAS (perfluoroalkylsilane) immersion. The surface hydrophobicity and morphology of Ni-MOF-74 were analyzed by means of contact angle measuring instrument, SEM and FT-IR. The effects of immersion temperature, immersion concentration, immersion time, and immersion number of times on hydrophobicity were discussed. The influence of hydrophobic modification on CO adsorption performance was also studied. The experimental conditions of PFAS immersion were determined: The immersion temperature is 110 ℃, the immersion time is 24 h, the immersion number of times is 1, and the concentration of PFAS is 3%. The results show that PFAS is successfully coated on Ni-MOF-74, but only a few of them covers the surface of Ni-MOF-74. The crystal structure of Ni-MOF-74 modified by PFAS is partially destroyed and the thermal stability is reduced.

Key words: Ni-MOF-74, PFAS, hydrophobic modification, CO


CO常与N2、CH4、CO2及H2O等气体混合存在,为纯化CO气体,采用Ni-MOF-74材料为吸附剂开展了探索性研究。通过PFAS(全氟烷基硅烷)浸渍法,制备了Ni-MOF-74疏水材料。通过接触角测量仪、SEM、傅里叶红外光谱仪对Ni-MOF-74材料表面疏水情况及形貌进行了分析,并探讨了浸渍温度、浸渍浓度、浸渍时间、浸渍次数对疏水性的影响,以及疏水改性对Ni-MOF-74的CO吸附性能的影响。确定了PFAS浸渍实验的工艺条件:浸渍温度110 ℃、浸渍时间24 h、浸渍1次、PFAS浓度3%。结果表明:PFAS成功覆盖在Ni-MOF-74材料上,但只有很少的PFAS覆盖到了Ni-MOF-74材料表面;PFAS改性后Ni-MOF-74的晶体结构遭到了部分破坏,热稳定性有所降低。

关键词: Ni-MOF-74, PFAS, 疏水改性, CO